Monday, June 20, 2016

The Boss and His Cowgirl - Silver James (HD #2452 - June 2016)

Series: Red Dirt Royalty (Book 3)

When the billionaire boss beckons…

Ever since she left behind her cowgirl roots to work for him, Georgie Dreyfus has had a crush on her boss, US senator Clay Barron. So the sexy speechwriter is speechless when Clay comes to her rescue on the campaign trail…and they discover a mutual chemistry that will no longer be denied.

But when their relationship faces one of the biggest veto threats of all, Georgie goes home to Oklahoma to regroup. Now the billionaire Barron must choose: continue his quest to win the White House or win back the woman who's laid claim to his heart…

Fantastic book. Georgie is Clay's speechwriter and has had a thing for Clay since she started working for his campaign back when she was in college. She has kept her feelings to herself all this time. Then, during a protest at a campaign event, Georgie gets hurt and Clay comes to her rescue. Suddenly he's looking at her differently and the sparks are flying.

I loved the development of their relationship. Clay has noticed Georgie for awhile, but buried it deep because she works for him. Because of his father's habit of having affairs with employees, Clay has been adamant about "not fishing in the office pool", but he can't stop what is happening between them. Clay doesn't do commitment, but what he feels for her is different and he is determined to pursue it. Georgie is a bit wary because of their circumstances, but being with him is a dream come true. I really liked the fact that, while Clay was determined to be discreet, he wasn't going to hide anything. If their relationship becomes public, he will own it. Because they have worked together for so long, they already know each other very well, and they become even closer. Clay is still refusing to admit the depth of his feelings to himself, but Georgie knows she is in love with him.

Then Georgie gets devastating news and is determined to protect Clay from having to deal with it. She tries to push him away. I loved that he wouldn't be pushed, and his determination to be with her was awesome. I loved their joint press conference. I'm not sure the reporters were accurately portrayed, but it didn't stop my enjoyment of the whole scene. I loved how they were both so cool under pressure. I really had high hopes for how things were going, but of course there had to be a bump in their road to happiness. When Georgie has to leave the campaign trail for awhile, Clay ends up falling short of his intentions and being an idiot. When he realizes what he's done he tries to fix it, but Georgie has had enough. I hurt for her as she faced him down, and for him as he realized what he had lost. It was great to see his brothers, Chance and Cord, as they helped him see what he had to do. The final self-realization that took place in the middle of one of his speeches was perfect, and the result was just what I expected of him. 

I loved the realism of Georgie's battle and what she was going through. Her struggle between medication and surgery was emotional, I got a bit frustrated with her refusal to involve Clay in something that was so important. Clay also had his struggles, as Georgie's problem brought back memories from his own past. He has to face those memories before he can be everything that Georgie needs him to be.

As in previous books, the Barrons' father Cyrus makes his obnoxious presence known. He is determined that Clay become president and takes several actions on his own. Clay did a pretty good job standing up to him sometimes (the office in DC) but at others seemed to just go along with him. Cyrus does not approve of Georgie's presence in Clay's life and makes several attempts to get rid of her. I loved seeing her confront him when he tried to buy her off.

I liked seeing Chase and Cord and their support of Clay and Georgie. I also enjoyed seeing their wives and the way that they embraced Georgie, especially during her problems. I'd like to know what is going on with their brother Cash, and can't wait to see him fall. I also loved Clay's Tate cousins and their parts in Clay's life. I hope to see them get stories of their own when the Barrons are done with.

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