Tribute Quarterly Challenge

The Tribute Challenge
March 15, 2016 - June 14, 2016

Let's Celebrate the Lives of Harper Lee, Jackie Collins and Umberto Eco.......great authors who have contributed so much

Harper Lee- To Kill a Mockingbird
Umberto Eco- The Name of the Rose, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Philosophy
Jackie Collins Lucky, Hollywood Wives, many other romance novels

*Although not all of the authors we are celebrating wrote romance, in the spirit of our group, choosing romance titles for the tasks below is encouraged (but definitely not mandatory!)*

Level 1- Read 1 book for any 5 categories
Level 2- Read 1 book for all 10 categories
Level 3- Read 2 books for each of the 10 categories

1. Read a debut book by an author or a book where a character begins something new (i.e. a new job, a new marriage, a geographical move)

2. Read a book with flower(s) on the cover or a book with a flower name in the title or character name (i.e. rose, daisy)

3. Read a book with something that flies or has wings on the cover or a book with a character who is a singer or pilot

4. Read a book with a dress, or lips or has several colors on the cover

5. Read a book set in Italy or has an Italian/Italian descent character or author or a book with the author's first or last name beginning with 'E' or 'U'.

6. Read a book set in the U.K. or has a British character or author or a book with red, blue and/or white on the cover.

7. Read a book set in the U.S.A. or has an American character or author or a book with star(s) on the cover.

8. Read a book by an author who has a best-seller or popular title or read a new release you feel may become a best-seller/popular or read a book with 10,000 or more Goodreads reviews.

9. Read a book that has won an award (of any kind) or a book with the one of the following words in the title- 'prize', 'award', 'trophy', 'win' , 'gold', 'silver'

10. Read a book with the genre Mystery, Historical, Romance or YA listed for it (sub-genres such as historical romance, mystery romance, YA romance encouraged ;)

Read one book whose author is deceased

There is no minimum page requirement for this challenge. Rereads and audiobooks are allowed. The Bonus can be done with any level and done any time during the challenge.

1a. A Single Kiss - Grace Burrowes (Sourcebooks Casablanca - Jan 2015) (new job) - Mar 21
1b. The SEAL's Secret Heirs - Kat Cantrell (HD #2432 - Mar 2016) (new job/family) - Mar 28
2a. Last Chance Family - Hope Ramsay (Forever - Nov 2014) (flowers on cover) - Mar 18
2b. Last Chance Hero - Hope Ramsay (Forever - July 2015) (flowers on cover) - Mar 21
3a. "I Do" ... Take Two - Merline Lovelace (HSE #2461 - Mar 2016) (Air Force pilot) - Mar 17
3b. A Winter Wedding - Brenda Novak (Mira - Nov 2015) (singer) - May 14
4a. Living on the Edge - Susan Mallery (SIM #1383 - Sept 2005) (lips) - Mar 15
4b. His Secretary's Surprise Fiance - Joanne Rock (HD #2436 - Mar 2016) (lips) - Mar 29
5a. The Billionaire's Baby Swap - Rebecca Winters (HR #4515 - Apr 2016) (Italy) - May 2
5b. Deadly Obsession - Elle James (HRS #1897 - May 2016) - May 7
6a. The Royal Spy's Redemption - Addison Fox (HRS #1893 - Apr 2016) (UK-Brit MI5) - Mar 23
6b. Why Lords Lose Their Hearts - Manda Collins (St Martins - Aug 2014) (England) - Apr 2
7a. Lucky Shot - B.J. Daniels (HQN - Nov 2015) - Mar 15
7b. Wedding Takedown - Geri Krotow (HRS #1890 - Mar 2016) - Mar 25
8a. Reunited with the Rebel Billionaire - Catherine Mann (HD #2441 - Apr 2016) - Mar 16
8b. I'll Be Home for Christmas - Lori Wilde (Avon - Nov 2015) - Mar 30
9a. The Captive - Grace Burrowes (Sourcebooks Casablanca - July 2014) (RT Top Pick) - Apr 21
9b. Once a Family - Tara Taylor Quinn (HS #1930 - June 2014) (RITA nominee) - Apr 28
10a. Bodyguard Daddy - Lisa Childs (HRS #1886 - Feb 2016) (romantic suspense) - Mar 17
10b. Colton's Surprise Heir - Addison Fox (HRS #1884 - Feb 2016) (romantic suspense) - Mar 24


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