Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Agent Gemini - Lilith Saintcrow (HRS #1877 - Dec 2015)

Read December 8, 2016

As a genetically enhanced assassin for a secret agency, Cal has one mission: to recapture the sultry rogue superspy who calls herself Trinity. Yet when he finds her, Cal will risk everything to keep her out of his superiors' deadly hands.

Despite a computerlike brain and the ability to heal herself, Trinity has no memory of her life before the agency. She's desperate to uncover her identity. Every bit of trust she places in gorgeous, sexy Cal seems to bring back a little of her humanity. But her secrets might destroy them both, before the agency even gets a chance.

Good book that picks up where Agent Zero left off. Holly and Reese have escaped and are moving from place to place, trying to stay safe. Cal has also gone "off the grid", away from the agency that made him what he is. He is looking for the woman who saved their lives at the end of the last book.

Trinity, or Agent Three as she was known, has also gone off on her own. In the previous book, she began as an apparent mindless drone, known for her intensely calculating brain but nothing else. The process that they all went through was supposed to have removed all emotion from them, and it appears to have succeeded with her. But as the book went on, kernels of self-will and flashes of emotion begin to appear. By the end, she has broken with her boss and has helped the rogues get away.

Now Trinity has one mission. She wants to find her files and discover who she was before the process stole her memories. She has also been suffering from headaches and other strange symptoms and believes that the viral symbiosis is failing and tha she will soon die. She wants to find her answers before that happens.

As determined as she is to remain free, the Division is even more determined to get her back.  Caldwell has brought in another agent and also a computer hacker to track her down. Cal has also been looking for her ever since she saved them. Like Reese was to Holly, Cal is drawn to Trinity in ways he can't explain. All he knows is that he has to keep her safe. It's a tense time when the three groups collide, and things don't look good at all for Trinity. Cal's rescue of her was a relief, but they still had a long way to go.

Trinity has a hard time believing that Cal wants to save her. All she can think of are the things she did as the boss man's assistant, things that resulted in peoples' deaths. She holds herself responsible for the death of the woman that Cal had been seeing, and believes that he would hate her if he knew. I loved Cal's protectiveness and how he is willing to do anything to keep her safe. He is puzzled over her belief that she is going to die, as all he sees is the way the ability to feel is returning to her. I especially loved the scene with the milkshake and how it increases his desire to give her everything.

The final confrontation comes when Trinity slips away from Cal in order to continue her quest. Reese and Holly show up to support and help him in his search for her. Even the other agent and Fray the hacker get their chance to help. Trinity is caught by Caldwell, who has an agenda of his own. What he put her through before he was taken down was terrifying and it was amazing that she survived. I loved the ending and seeing Trinity and Cal together. There was an interesting twist at the end, as Trinity found out a little bit about her past and the identity of the brains behind the program was revealed. It was left a little openended because he is still loose to wreak his havoc.

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