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Maverick vs. Maverick - Shirley Jump (HSE #2504 - Oct 2016)

Read December 2, 2016

Series: Montana Mavericks: Baby Bonanza (Book 4)

All's Fair In Love And…Court?


Lindsay Dalton, daughter of our esteemed town attorney, is about to try her first case in the courtroom, and it's a doozy. It's David versus Goliath as Lindsay tests her mettle against millionaire cowboy Walker Jones.

With his looks, charm and commanding presence, Walker Jones the Third seems like a man who just can't lose. However, his blue-eyed powers of persuasion apparently do not extend to our earnest Ms. Dalton. In fact, our sources suggest the novice Rust Creek Falls lawyer might just be throwing Walker Jones off his game. Could this be mere legal maneuvering? The jury is still out. But with two stubborn hearts in denial, we at the Gazette are predicting an epic romantic showdown!

City vs. country, man vs. woman. Lindsay is Rust Creek Falls newest lawyer and her first big case has her taking on the big city owner of a local daycare center. She's determined to prove that the center's negligence caused a near fatal illness in one of its children.  Walker Jones has come to town to put an end to what he sees as a frivolous lawsuit and get back to business in Tulsa as quickly as he can.

It starts out pretty cut and dried. Big city CEO who only cares for the bottom line against small town lawyer fighting for justice for the victims. Walker is surprised by the other lawyer's youth and beauty and fascinated by what he sees from his seat on the other side of the aisle. He's even more surprised by the skill with which she presents her case, ensuring that the case goes from preliminary hearing to trial. Lindsay was nervous, but feeling that they have a good chance, she made her points. She was taken by surprise when she saw Walker, having been expecting his father. His good looks and sexy voice are a distraction she has to fight.

Walker isn't too happy to have to stick around until the next week for the trial. Escaping from his hotel room for awhile he goes to the Ace in the Hole for a drink and sees Lindsay there. I loved their encounter, as there are definite sparks flying between them. But Lindsay is very conscious of their opposing sides and refuses to be drawn in by his attempts to get closer to her. Walker isn't used to being shot down, even so he is especially frustrated by Lindsay's resistance.

I got to like Walker pretty quickly. He starts out as a pretty jaded guy, used to big city cynicism and every man for himself attitudes. He gets a crash course in small town life when an attempt to improve his image gets him involved with preparations for the fall festival. A bonus for him is being paired with Lindsay, who isn't any too happy to see him. I enjoyed seeing him convince her to put the trial aside and just spend the time with him.

Lindsay has grown up wanting to be a lawyer like her dad. She believes in the rightness of this case and doesn't want to do anything to jeopardise it. She can't deny that she is attracted to Walker, but she also knows that involvement with him is a bad idea. In the end, she can't resist the chance to spend a little time with him. She's also determined to protect her heart, having already fallen for one man who was more interested in what the city had to offer than in her.

I loved the development of their relationship. Walker is drawn to everything about Lindsay, and when the trial ends finds himself extremely reluctant to head right back to Tulsa. Instead, he sticks around, finding any excuse to spend time with her. I loved the scene where he showed up at her family's house to see her and ended up joining the family for dinner. I ached for him as he saw the type of family relationship he had not experienced and how he wanted it for himself. He really wants a chance to see what can come of whatever it is between them. At the same time, Lindsay is trying to stay away from him because she can see herself falling for him and getting her heart broken.
When he gets too close for her comfort, she pushes him away, telling him that there is no way to reconcile their two worlds.

I loved seeing that Walker has found something worth fighting for. While Lindsay tries to get over her heartache, she has no idea that Walker isn't giving up. When she encounters him at the Fall Festival, she's surprised to see how many people he knows and who seem to like him. I loved her curiosity and how he made her wait until the next day to spring his surprise on her. I loved his big moment and how he put his whole heart into it, showing her just how much he had changed.

There was also a good secondary story involving Walker and his brother Hudson, who is in charge of the day care center. Their relationship hasn't been great the last few years because of Walker's increasing likeness to their father and Hudson's resistance to it. Rust Creek Falls has had a good effect on Hudson, allowing him to break away from his father's demands. I liked the way he had the courage to call Walker on his attitude and be straight about his feelings. It was great to see that Lindsay's influence enables Walker to start to fix his relationship with his brother. 

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