Let’s go to the Olympics! Challenge

Let’s Go to the Olympics! Challenge
June 15, 2016 through September 14, 2016

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad, or 2016 Summer Olympics, will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to August 21, 2016. This is expected to be the largest Olympic Games in history, with more than 10,500 athletes from 206 nations scheduled to participate. Let's celebrate their accomplishments with a challenge!


Bronze Medal: Read 10 books
Silver Medal: Read 15 books
Gold Medal: Read 20 books
World Record Holder: Read 25 books
Bonus: The bonus can be added to any level, and read at any time during the challenge.

The Games (5 books)

1. Summer: Read a book that takes place in the summer, or that is set somewhere that is known for warm/hot weather
2. Winter: Read a book that takes place in the winter, or is set in a location known for cooler/cold weather
3. Paralympics: Read a book with a character who suffers from some sort of illness or disability (physical or mental), or other physical defect (scars, injury, etc.)
4. Youth Games: Read a children’s or YA book, or a book in which a child figures prominently in the storyline
5. Ancient Games: Read a Historical novel or a book with an older character

Countries (10 books)

6. Greece (GRE): The home of the Ancient Olympic Games, and location of the first modern Olympic Games
7. Brazil (BRA): Host nation of this year’s Summer Olympic Games
8. Switzerland (SUI): Home of the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee

Nations that have hosted the Olympics (Winter or Summer) at least three times:
9. United States (USA)
10. France (FRA)
11. Japan (JPN)
12. Great Britain (GBR)
13. Canada (CAN)
14. Italy (ITA)
15. Germany (GER)

For each of the above countries, read a book that is set in that country, has an author or character from there, or where the three letters in the country’s abbreviation can be found in the title and/or author of the book.

Colors and Symbols (10 books)

The colors on the Olympic Flag:
16. Blue: Read a book with blue on the cover, or that is set on or near the water.
17. Black: Read a book with black on the cover, or with a darker storyline or a character that you would consider a “bad guy”.
18. Red: Read a book with a red cover, or that has a suspenseful or mysterious storyline.
19. Yellow: Read a book with yellow on the cover, or with a happy, funny, or lighthearted character or storyline.
20. Green: Read a book with green on the cover, or that is set primarily outdoors or includes an animal or animals prominently in the storyline (shifters count!)
21. White: Read a book with white on the cover, or with a shy, naïve, or virginal character.

22. Olympic Rings: Read a book with something round on the cover, or a story with multiple POVs or connected storylines.
23. Torch/Flame: Read a book with fire or some other light source on the cover, or with a “hot” storyline.
24. Medals: Read a book that has won or been nominated for an award of any kind. If you need ideas, see the Goodreads Book Awards page
25. Olympic Motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger": Read a short book that you can finish Fast, a longer book with a High page count, or a book with a character that is either physically or mentally Strong.

**For the colors, the cover does not need to be most or all that color, but if not it must be something that stands out on the cover, not something that just blends in and wouldn’t be noticed if the color were different.


The following sports are currently included in either the Summer or Winter Olympic Games:

Alpine Skiing, Aquatics, Archery, Athletics (Track & Field), Badminton, Basketball, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Boxing, Canoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Football (Soccer), Freestyle Skiing, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Ice Hockey, Judo, Luge, Modern Pentathlon, Nordic Combined, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Shooting, Short Track Speed Skating, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling

Read one (or more) book in which a MC participates in one of the Olympic sports. Note: This doesn’t have to be in a professional or even organized manner. For example, if one of the MCs lifts weights as part of a workout, it can be used for weightlifting.

6. It Happened One Christmas - Carla Kelly, Georgie Lee, Ann Lethbridge (HH #1255 - Nov 2015) - The Viscount's Christmas Kiss by Georgie Lee (letters) - Aug 25
17. Tough Love - Lori Foster (HQN - Aug 2015) (black on cover) - June 17
20. Night Hawk - Lindsay McKenna (HQN - Jan 2016) (outdoors/ranch) - June 24
22. Tucker's Claim - Sarah McCarty (HQN - Feb 2011) (multiple POV) - June 19


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