Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trapped with the Maverick Millionaire - Joss Wood (HD #2454 - June 2016)

Series: From Mavericks to Married (Book 1)

Anything can happen on an island with the one who got away…

Fame, fortune and a sexy-as-hell swagger make famous hockey player Mac McCaskill nearly irresistible to Rory Kydd. They shared a searing-hot almost kiss years before. But now that she's been contracted as his physical therapist, she's determined to keep things professional. She keeps her hands to herself -- until she and Mac are isolated on his private tropical retreat during a raging storm…

Mac never forgot how Rory made his blood burn. He wants the kiss they never had…and much more. But once the storm ends, so does the fantasy. Will the connection they found in paradise survive the real world?

Good second chance story. Years earlier, Mac had been a hotshot young hockey player, dating Rory's sister. Rory had been attracted to him, but 1) he was dating her sister and 2) she doesn't trust men, especially players like Mac. When he shows up to her sister's apartment, looking for Shay, they have a near kiss that is witnessed by her sister. Mac had come looking for Shay to apologize for comments caught by a live mike, and instead made things even worse. It took months for Rory and Shay to repair their relationship, and Rory still hasn't forgotten what happened with Mac. Now Mac needs a physiotherapist and Rory is the best there is. Can they get past their history and work together?

I liked both Mac and Rory, but they certainly had some serious issues working against them. Mac has commitment issues thanks to the way his mother treated him. He was never good enough for anything as far as she was concerned. She never gave him any kind of support or encouragement for his dreams, and as a result he has always depended solely on himself. He refuses to give any woman the power to make him need something from her. Rory had grown up with a father who was a serial cheater and a mother who always took him back. Added to what happened between she and Mac, she doesn't believe that any man is capable of an honest relationship. 

When Mac is injured it is imperative that he get better as quickly as possible without anyone knowing what has happened. If his injury becomes public knowledge it could have disastrous consequences for the team and the plans that he and his friends have for it. Rory is the best one for the job, but she has reservations about accepting it. Not the least of those reservations is the attraction she still has for him. Mac is also still attracted to her and intent on pursuing it. 

I loved the relationship that built between them, though neither would admit that it is a relationship. The sparks between them are explosive. Hiding out in a tropical getaway while she helps him heal Rory tries to keep things professional but the heat won't be denied. They are also both very stubborn people. Mac is sure that he can make his deadline if he just pushes a little harder. Rory's business is knowing what the body needs, and she knows if he pushes too hard he could end his career, There is a major confrontation between the two when their attitudes towards his recovery clash, with each of them having their worst fears realized. I liked seeing Mac realize what he had done and take steps to fix it. Over the next few weeks they get to know each other and their feelings grow. They have one last hurdle to face, confronting their fears before they can have the future they both want. One of the things I liked best is that it wasn't a jump to a perfect relationship, but an admission by both of them that it will still take work to make it succeed. I'm looking forward to seeing them in future books.

I liked his friends/partners Kade and Quinn also. Their determination to make their dream come true is fantastic. I liked seeing the story of what they are trying to accomplish and how they are going about it. The stress they are all under is obvious, but so is the teamwork that can make it happen. I'm looking forward to reading their stories.

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