December Monthly Challenge

December Monthly Challenge

1. 'D' is for December: Read a book that starts with 'D' or whose author's first or last name starts with 'D'.

2. Happy Anniversary!: Read a book that was published in December of any year or read a book found on the shelves of an RRRC member that joined in December of any year. 

3. Featured Author Challenge - Vicki Lewis Thompson: Read a book written by this month's Featured Author, Vicki Lewis Thompson, or by any author with her first or last name. 

Fun Facts about Vicki:
She writes romances about nerds, cowboys, and werewolves
She is the recipient of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award
She is the author of over 100 books
Disneyland is her joy and inspiration
She drives a yellow convertible

You may also read a book with a geek/nerd, or a cowboy/cowgirl, or a werewolf character or a romance book that has won any award or a book with over 100 reviews on Goodreads or a book set in California or a book that has the color yellow on the cover.

4. December 21- Winter Solstice- Read a short book or a book set in Winter.

5. December 21- Crossword Puzzle Day- Read a mystery or a book where a character is 'cross' or upset with someone/something.

6. December 19 -Look for an Evergreen Day- Read a book with green on the cover, or a book with trees on the cover, or a book with a scene that takes place in the woods/forest/jungle

7. December 17- National Maple Syrup Day- Read a book set in the U.S.A. (where syrup originated) or read a book with a 'sweet' story or character.

8. December 10-Human Rights Day - Read a book with a character who is a lawyer, or an activist or read a book with a person or persons on the cover.

9.December 31- Make Up Your Mind Day- Read a romance with a love triangle, or a book with a nosy character (who can't 'mind their own business'), or a book with a rude/obnoxious character (who can't 'mind their manners') or read a book that you picked randomly from your tbr, because you couldn't make up your mind ;)

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choosing!

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