Monday, May 2, 2016

The Billionaire's Baby Swap - Rebecca Winters (HR #4515 - Apr 2016)

Series: Montanari Marriages (Book 1)

Two babies…one family?

Single mom Valentina Montanari was abandoned while pregnant, yet she's besotted with her tiny son, Ric. But why does he look nothing like her?

Gorgeous billionaire Giovanni Laurito bonded with his new baby, Vito, after a difficult divorce, so discovering Vito and Ric were swapped at birth is a huge shock!

When Valentina and Giovanni meet to reclaim their children, sparks fly. They've already fallen for each other's babies… Could this unexpected beginning create the family of their dreams?

Sweet story about two people brought together when their babies are switched at the hospital. Valentina is a single mother whose boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the baby. With the support of her family, she is determined to give baby Ric the best possible life. Though she loves her baby from the minute she first holds him, she is puzzled by the fact he bears no resemblance to her or her ex.

Giovanni is a recently divorced billionaire who has fallen in love with his new son, Vito. He is determined to make changes in his life and become the father he wants to be, unlike the failure he feels as a husband. He is puzzled about how two dark haired parents could have a blond baby, but chalks it up to an unknown ancestor.

Both Valentina and Giovanni are shocked to discover that their babies had accidentally been switched. Naturally, each wants their own child, but the thought of giving up the children they'd come to love is heartbreaking. When the babies have trouble adjusting to their new living arrangements, Giovanni comes up with a most unusual solution! He suggests that Valentina and Vito move in with him and Ric until such time as the babies adjust to their proper parent.

I liked Giovanni a lot. He is used to coming up with new ideas, and this one feels right to him. I really liked the fact that he didn't try to force the solution on Valentina, but made the suggestion and let her think about it. I felt a bit sorry for him because of the guilt he felt over the end of his marriage. He had gone into it with the best intentions, but they were all wrong for each other. It was really sweet to see how he bonded with the baby.

Valentina feels foolish for getting involved with the man who fathered her baby. She has always felt like she doesn't measure up to her two brothers, and this only aggravated the feeling. I thought that she had a lot of inner strength, which really showed when she decided to follow up on her feeling that something wasn't quite right. I ached for her when she found out what happened and that she would have to give up the baby she'd grown to love.

From the minute that Valentina and Giovanni met they were drawn to each other. Living together to take care of the babies brought them closer together, but each was hesitant to get involved. Valentina wasn't sure she could trust her judgment and Giovanni's marriage failure had him doubting his ability to succeed at another attempt. I loved seeing them get to know each other and discover how much they had in common. There was also a chemistry between them that neither one could deny. They were also sensitive to each other's fears. It was great to see how Valentina encouraged Giovanni to talk to his ex about the baby. I also loved that Giovanni understood Valentina's need for independence and supported her pursuit of it. The interference that came from his ex's father provided Giovanni with just the motivation he needed to pursue his own dream. I also liked the way that Valentina faced her own fears, enabling her to go after what she really wanted. The ending was very romantic and just right for the two of them and their children.

I loved the Italian setting. The wonderful descriptions of the land, the towns, and the various sights made me feel as though I was there. I really enjoyed seeing things through Valentina's eyes, and how much pleasure Giovanni got from her enjoyment. 

I liked Valentina's brother Rini and how supportive he was of her. Even when he didn't approve, he agreed that she had the right to her own decisions. I was expecting a bit more conflict between him ad Giovanni because of their businesses, but that didn't happen. I am looking forward to Rini's story. However, the conflict between Giovanni and his ex's father was pretty intense. I didn't like him at all, and thoroughly enjoyed Giovanni's actions at the end.

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