Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Baby for Agent Colton - Jennifer Morey (HRS #1900 - June 2016)

Series: Coltons of Texas (Book 6)

Jocelyn Locke can't resist her sexy boss, FBI profiler Trevor Colton. When she winds up pregnant, Trevor insists they get married for the sake of the baby, which has nothing to do with their killer chemistry -- or so she keeps telling herself. But as Jocelyn begins to dream of forever, a sinister slayer haunts her nightmares.

Trevor never bargained on having real feelings for the woman he's tried so hard to resist. Especially when he's so close to having everything he ever wanted -- a perfect family and a murderer behind bars. Yet danger still looms, and he'll do anything to keep the Alphabet Killer away from his bride and baby-to-be -- but he may not have a choice…

Good book. The FBI and its task force are getting closer to catching the Alphabet Killer, thanks to the hard work of people like Trevor and Jocelyn. They now know who the killer is, they just have to find a way to lay hands on her. In the meantime, the attraction between Trevor and Jocelyn continues to simmer until it finally boils over.

Jocelyn has been attracted to Trevor since the moment she met him. She really wants a chance to get to know him better and see if something will come of it. Trevor is determined to keep their dealings professional. He'd already had his heart tromped on by getting involved with a fellow agent, he's not going to go through that again. But when the adrenaline rush from a case hits them hard, they find release in each others' arms. Jocelyn hopes that it's the beginning of a dream come true, but Trevor is backpedaling as fast as he can. The emotions she stirred up are much stronger than he is comfortable with. 

I liked seeing the relationship develop between Trevor and Jocelyn. She is so open and straightforward about what she wants. On the other hand, Trevor is convinced that he doesn't have what it takes for a successful relationship. As the son of a serial killer, who ended up in foster care and has family issues because of it, he hasn't had the example of a good marriage. Jocelyn believes that they are right for each other, but can't convince him. Then she turns up pregnant from that one night together. Trevor insists on marriage, because no child of his is going to grow up in a broken home. But Jocelyn wants love, and is determined to show Trevor that they can have it all.

At the same time, the Alphabet Killer case is heating up. They know who they are looking for, but haven't been able to catch her. Then Jocelyn offers herself up as bait to draw the killer into a trap. Trevor is furious with her for putting herself in danger, but can't deny that the plan is a good one. I loved seeing them pose as husband and wife at the same time they are trying to get used to the idea for real. As they close in on the killer the danger becomes more intense, especially to Jocelyn. The final takedown seemed pretty realistic as their great plan hit several problems along the way, leaving her vulnerable. I loved seeing how Trevor went to his father for insight on where the killer might have taken Joscelyn. It was very intense, but of course everything came out alright. Trevor also had his eyes opened about what he deserves. I loved seeing their wedding and how it compared to their Vegas wedding.

Also running through the book was the ongoing saga of their father, Matthew Colton, serial killer, who is also dying of cancer. He has been coercing his estranged kids into visiting him by offering clues about where he buried their mother. The last clue is Josie's and besides solving the mystery of where their mom is buried, also explains what has been happening to her. I'm looking forward to reading her story, as her life has been a really tough one. 

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