Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fortune's Perfect Valentine - Stella Bagwell (HSE #2455 - Feb 2016)

Series: Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune's Children (Book 2)


Wes Robinson may be part of the lost Fortune family, but he's more concerned with the fortunes of Robinson Tech. On Valentine's Day, his company will be rolling out a new computer app that will -- allegedly -- fix users up with their ideal mate. Wes has nothing against amour; he just has no faith in the perfect, lasting kind. He'll take a passionate fling any day.

Tell that to Vivian Blair, however. Wes's longtime employee with the earnest heart has complete faith that her app will work. So when she and Wes are challenged to use My Perfect Match themselves, it's game on. What follows is a series of dating debacles -- and Viv's horrifying suspicion that her Mr. Right might be her curmudgeonly boss in the cubicle next door…

Fun book about two people with opposite views of love. Wes is one of the owners of Robinson Tech and in charge of the division that develops computer and phone applications. One of his employees, Vivian, has written one that she claims will help people find their Perfect Match. He's skeptical, but it will make money for the company so he'll promote it. A less than pleasant interview with a TV talk show host has Wes claiming that he'll use the app himself to show his faith in it. As the developer, Vivian feels that she must do the same.

Their pre-launch discussion shows that they have vastly different ideas of what makes the perfect match. Wes has grown up with parents who seem to barely tolerate each other, much less love each other. They may have done so at one time, but it's obvious that it didn't last. Wes has no intention of ever marrying, he'd much rather enjoy a passionate fling, then move on when the fire dies. On the other hand, Vivian saw the passion that her parents had for each other, but that was all they had. They had nothing in common otherwise, which led to her father moving on and her mother raising her kids alone. She is convinced that the secret to a long lasting relationship is compatibility first. Vivian is bugged by his cynicism and Wes thinks that she is delusional.

Though they've worked together for six years, this is the first time that Wes has had much discussion with Viv. Though he doesn't agree with her viewpoint, he finds himself having way too much fun winding her up. He had never noticed that much passion in her before, and he is intrigued by her. Having to work together on the launch gives him the chance to find out more.

I loved seeing the dates that they ended up with through the app. Viv's dates were definitely compatible in interests, but there was no fire with any of them. She's a little dismayed by her lack of progress, but refuses to give up too soon. Wes's dates are the beautiful types of women he's always gone for, but he's finding that they aren't holding his interest the way they used to. When Wes needs a date for his brother's wedding, he asks Viv to go as a favor, as taking a casual date to a wedding is never a good idea. He gets quite a shock when he sees her out of her office attire, and the attraction that he had started to feel intensifies. Viv is feeling it too, and she's not too happy about it. Wes isn't the type to want forever and she wants to find someone who does.

The development of their relationship was interesting. The attraction was there and they eventually quit fighting it though neither believes that there is a future for them. Wes still doesn't believe that love lasts, even though his mind keeps picturing Viv in his life. Viv is certain that the differences between them are too great to make a match possible. Thanks to the media attention from their challenge to use the app, any time they spend together has to be kept secret. Wes finds himself more and more invested in what he sees building between them and begins to realize that he may have been wrong about love, but can't figure out how to tell her. Meanwhile, Viv discovers that she wants more than Wes seems to be willing to give, and tries to pull away to protect her heart.

I loved the ending and seeing Wes try to make things right with Viv. He was kind of cute in his awkward way of trying to tell her how he felt. Viv was a little bit oblivious because she was so sure that he was out of her league. Seeing them finally admit their love was very satisfying.

Also running through the book is the continuing question of whether the Robinsons are really part of the Fortune family. So far, Ben and Rachel are the only ones truly interested in pursuing the answers. The rest of the family doesn't want the drama, and their father isn't talking. A little more information comes to light which I expect will be addressed in the next book.

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