Saturday, February 13, 2016

What Happens on the Ranch - Delores Fossen (HQN - Jan 2016)

Series: McCord Brothers (Book .5)

It all started in the hayloft. That's where Anna McCord lost her virginity to Heath Moore when they were teenagers. Nine years later, Heath, now an air force officer, is back in town. For Anna, the boy who stole her heart is long gone, replaced by a man who's filled out everywhere. Her overprotective brothers might want her to stay away, but what harm can there be in a secret, exhilarating affair?

Sure, the McCord boys will beat him to a pulp if he lays a finger -- or anything else -- on Anna. That's not why Heath is trying so hard to resist her. Soon he'll be leaving, and he has no intention of breaking her heart again when he does. But some mistakes are worth repeating -- especially when second time around might lead to forever…

Really fun prequel to the upcoming McCord Brothers series. Anna and Heath knew each other as teenagers, when Heath was working on the ranch. He left the ranch to join the Air Force and now he's back between assignments. It only takes a few minutes together to realize that what was there never went away.

I loved the opening as Anna spots Heath asleep and naked in the guest room. She can't help ogling a bit and noticing the stellar changes in him. He's surprised to see her in his room when he wakes up and, ahem, obviously notices the changes in her. Though the conversation is slightly awkward, there's a lot of heat in it also, heat that cools rapidly when Anna's brother Riley shows up. Mr. Protective has plenty to say, but Anna isn't listening.

The story was short but gets in everything you need to know to leave satisfied. After nearly ten years both Anna and Heath have grown up. Heath's life is the Air Force and he's dealing with some career issues right now. Anna is getting ready for law school and dealing with the fallout from a breakup. She knows that Heath will be leaving, but she's willing to risk the hurt. Heath doesn't want to hurt her again, but she's really hard to resist.

It was fun to see Anna and Heath dancing around each other. Anna was determined on her path, while Heath was trying to do the right thing. Anna has a little encouragement from the cook and housekeeper, but her brothers are definitely doing their best to discourage them. Heath gets the brunt of the "leave her alone" action, but it isn't working too well. There's a terrific scene where Anna has it out with her brothers, but ends in a pretty sweet way. When Anna and Heath finally get their time together it is fun and sexy. I loved the ending with Heath and the lockets - so sweet and romantic,

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the McCord brothers in later books.

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